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Metacare builds custom software & services that help startups offer excellent customer service even when demand increases exponentially

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Scale your support operation like the best, and at a fraction of the cost & effort

Scaling support is a niche problem only a few hundreds of businesses worldwide have ever had to deal with. Consequently, everyone who has surmounted this challenged has needed a lot of attention, cash & time until now

We provide everything you need to scale your retail support operations

Software for Retail

All the software you need to automate & accelerate interactions with users

Support Design Services

All the skills & competencies you need to design support experiences that scale

Operations Optimization

All the support you need to optimize & grow your team in the most efficient way


We built 3 interconnected tools to automate support interactions

If support is to scale, automating tasks can’t be about simple questions or just the initial phase of support, automation must cover even complex issues & must accelerate every phase of support

Easy Issue Reporting

Chat Assistant

High Volume Agent Inbox

Outage Management

Conversation Design

Workflow Management


A support design service to ensure the support experience scales

Your product experience scales because it was designed intentionally. Support experiences that scale for users & agents alike have to be well designed too.

Knowledge Base Design

Conversation Design

Support Workflow Design


A operations optimization service to ensure process scale & people are efficient

Support automations that are well designed play a large part of scaling support but optimizing processes to increase people efficiency & help departments grow effectively are also important to scaling a support department.

Organize People Faster

Onboard People Better

Recruit People Better

Using Metacare is a business decision

Every dollar invested in Metacare should return $3-10 in value

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